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Rollin' Down [Apgujyeong] Rodeo

This will be a short, quick post, because I took a half an Ambien 20 minutes and expect to drift off into hyper-realistic dreams any minute. So please forgive any straying into discussions of umbrella-guns, rhinoceri, or sausage cars. [One of my kids drew an amazing collage of 'sausage cars' the other day and I basically wanted to steal the boy's brain and put it in a jar filled with other excised brains to learn from him.]

Today was our 'PSA Flea Market', which involved parents sending massive bags of donation-goods to school so that we could resell them back to the kids again. In theory we would have given away anything left over to charity, but someone miscalculated a good amount of fake money to give the kids, and we ended up selling out of everything. Denise and I ran the bookstore, and it was hugely fun. The kids would come up to me with the most absurd books -- seven year old brilliant Lucy with a battered copy of Good Night Moon, little clueless Jiee with an advanced Korean/English grammar reader -- and say "Teacher, how much is it?" And every once in a while one of the clever ones would give me an exasperated face and say "Teacher, discount please!"


Then I had my Super Elite afterschool kids run horsey-races [like piggyback only with the ride-ee on their knees instead of standing] around the classroom because homework was really boring. Alison and Patty won against all expectations. I think they have some twin mind-bond going on. Thank god it was Friday.

And tomorrow is the Boryeon Mud Festival! I'm meeting Jen and Trish at 7:20am to get a cab to the train station, and we should roll into Daechong around 11am, I hope -- then figure about 30 hours of drunken mud wrestling with a substantial chunk of the entire PSA teaching staff before we stumble back to Seoul late Sunday night and all call out sick the next day. Err, that's a joke. Probably.

I have other stories to tell and stuff to say and people to Skype [dear Banana, as soon as I am back in Seoul I will call... maybe Tuesday night? I'll email you. I've been bad on the communication front recently] but right now I think it's straight up bed time.


10:26 p.m. - 2008-07-11


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